Discovery Ducklings
Parent + Baby
o – 3 years

Our Duckling swimming lessons are a programme designed for pre-school children to get them started on their swimming lesson journey. In addition, these lessons naturally follow on from the Discovery Duckling scheme.

In our Duckling lessons, children begin to learn the basics of swimming, get moving around the pool independently and increase their water confidence, whilst at the same time having lots of fun in the pool!

Discovery Ducklings is a fun and effective programme for introducing parents with young children to the exciting world of aquatics and has been developed to teach children through ‘song & rhyme’ within a fun swimming session.

Swimming actions are performed to familiar tunes that children enjoy and remain motivated by. The instructions use simple words with repetition for easy understanding and enjoyment and teach parents the correct supporting and positioning of their child in the pool.


9.30am – 11.30am


No Lessons


9.30am – 11.30am


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9.30am – 11.30am


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What do I need to bring to our lesson?

For our Parent and Baby lessons, we require all babies to wear a ‘double-nappy’ which creates a double seal to avoid any leaks or accidents!

A double-nappy consists of a disposable swim nappy – the type you can buy at your local supermarket, then over the top a reusable neoprene nappy-cover. You can purchase them here at Swim School at a cost of £10. Please speak to us at the time of booking and we can advise on sizing.

For toddlers, a disposable nappy is fine with their swimming costume over the top.

We also recommend that the younger babies wear a baby-warmer wetsuit to help them stay warm during their lessons. We have some available for you to borrow or if you would prefer to purchase your own, we have them available to buy for £20 each. Again, please speak to us at the time of booking and we can advise on sizing.

We provide flotation aids. If your child prefers to wear goggles, that’s fine with us, please bring your own. Please may we kindly ask for adults or children with longer hair to please have it tied back in a bobble or wear a swimming cap.

To check availability or to book a place, please call or email Gemma on the details below:

Email: Tel: 07968 066947

Our Discovery Duckling lessons are structured over a 12 week course.
Payment is required every four weeks: £31

You and your little swimmer will be automatically re-enrolled onto the next 12 week course.